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Eden Township Healthcare District v. Eden Medical Center

Healthcare district's unsuccessful suit against nonprofit hospital for declaratory relief was "on contract" within meaning of Civil Code §1717, entitling hospital to award for attorney fees.

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Rouland v. Pacific Specialty Insurance Company

Insurer's §998 settlement offer that asked offeree to file "offer and notice of acceptance" with trial court satisfied statute.

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Reid v. Mercury Insurance Company

Insurer's duty to settle not precipitated solely by likelihood of excess judgment against insured, where injured party never tendered demand for settlement.

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American Safety Indemnity Company v. Admiral Insurance Company

Self-Insured-Retention provision in liability policy that didn't say insured's payment was condition of duty to defend was unenforceable.

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Swanson v. State Farm General Insurance Company

Insurer's withdrawal of reservation of rights terminated obligation to pay for Cumis counsel.

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Brown Bark III, L.P. v. Haver

Non-contracting party was entitled to recover contractual attorney fees per terms of unilateral attorney fee provision after it defeated contract-based cause of action.

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Company v. Brookfield Crystal Cove LLC

Right to Repair Act did not provide exclusive remedy for homeowner's insurer against builder where actual damage to home resulted from construction defects.

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Brandwein v. Butler

Insured's settlement with insurers precluded further claims against them

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Zhang v. Superior Court (California Capital Insurance Company)

Insurer may be sued under Unfair Competition Law for practices unrelated to insurer's violation of Unfair Insurance Practices Act

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Deluca v. State Fish Co., Inc.

Counsel forfeited attorney-client and work-product privileges as to information conveyed to consulting expert upon expert's designation as testifying witness

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